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From the old days of Edo
I was succeeded
Traditional taste.
Domestic taste utilized the mountains of Nagasaki seafood….
Do not forget the first heart, in now.
[Hamaya side dish part] News of business hours shortening
[Hamaya side dish part] News of business hours shortening
I receive prevention of new coronavirus infection spread and, for health and the ensuring safety of a customer and the employee, change business hours as follows. 
I cause a customer trouble very much, but hope that I have it be understood.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand it to a customer.
※There will be possibility to be changed about the contents for change in future at a change period, time at time. When a change occurs, I lead you to the homepage some other time.
■ A period: From Saturday, April 25 to May 6 Wednesday (holiday)
■ Opening time: Opening 10:30 - closure 18:00
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