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From the old days of Edo
I was succeeded
Traditional taste.
Domestic taste utilized the mountains of Nagasaki seafood….
Do not forget the first heart, in now.
About business after June 1
The head office restaurant and a place buying to go usually reopen business in the time from June 1.
I apologize for having caused a customer trouble during contracted business very much.
  Head office restaurant 11:00-21:00 (order stop 20:00)
  toko 10:30-20:00 that I take away
  ※Tuesday regular holiday
I can still less accept the reservation for the time being in the head office restaurant. Please come to the store directly.
For the business hours of the store specializing in Hamaya Department Store basement side dishes, I follow it for business hours of Hamaya Department Store.
In addition, the Chikugomachi home delivery of cooked foods department is open as usual.
I may change business hours depending on the situation again. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
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