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Gift postage 500 yen campaign

   For a limited time     Tuesday, November 26, 2019  It is ... for shipment
           Monday, December 23, 2019  To for receptionist
   ◎In the case of forwarding, I limit products more than 3,500 yen about one destination.
   ◎The delivery in the Nagasaki-shi is free, but some areas are excluded.
    (please note that the free delivery in the Nagasaki-shi of 12/25-1/6 is not possible.)
            ◎About payment (in the case of the first order)
     The case only for home delivery becomes "the cash on delivery".
     When there is the destination where is different from home, it becomes "the transfer paper".
      (the transfer paper is common throughout a post office, a convenience store)
   ◎About the shipment days
     It becomes the shipment three days later from an order day. (the delivery hope date and time I can appoint it)
   [Kanko-dori St. shop]  ・Reception desk business hours [10:00-20:00] in the shop
                 Fourth Tuesday second on a regular holiday
                     Until Tuesday, November 19 15:00
                     Until Tuesday, December 31 15:00
                     January 1  
             8-3, Hamamachi, Nagasaki-shi
   [general office]  ・TEL reception desk business hours [9:00-17:00]
             (095) 821-2500
            ・FAX or mail receptionist [24 hours]
             〒850-0052 2-65, Chikugomachi, Nagasaki-shi
                    "Yossou synthesis office work behavior"
            ※After the reception desk, we will inform you over a telephone for order confirmation.
            ※You print out an exclusive order form, and please order it.
            ※You can order it other than the exclusive order form.
              The name of the request main state, an address, a phone number and
              The name of the delivery other side, address, phone number, ordered items, amount,
              Please fill in auspicious decoration for gifts.


←FAX order form downloading  
I was introduced to the Nagasaki gourmet & sightseeing special feature of the Web magazine trip color
Yoshimune [general office]
2-65, Chikugomachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
TEL. 095-821-2500
FAX. 095-821-2809
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