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From 1952 to 1978


I purchase land, a building as a company house, a dormitory in Hikiji-cho (existing Kozenchou) and become the home delivery of cooked foods department later.


4s Nobuhiko Yoshida
4s Nobuhiko Yoshida
I resign, and sect next becomes the chairperson for the third generation, and Nobuhiko takes office as a president as the fourth generation.
In the next year, I purchase the Yoshimune's first four-wheeled car for private home delivery of cooked foods delivery use and play an active part for long-distance delivery in large quantities.


I open a store in Yoshimune branch store in the Nagasaki station square Nagasaki Building basement.
I establish materials factory, an office in Nishinakacho (existing Daikokucho).


The Yoshimune founding 100th anniversary.
As a commemorative project, hold the performance of four times of two days at Nagasaki-shi public hall in an expression of gratitude entertainment in the night and day; the prosperity that is full in people of the invitation.
As the eve, I invited the person concerned and held the banquet of the expression of gratitude.
March, 1966 issue Nikkei graph
March, 1966 issue Nikkei graph
Program, notice of the expression of gratitude entertainment
Program, notice of the expression of gratitude entertainment


I purchase real estate in Ohashi-cho and found an Ohashi home delivery of cooked foods department.


Yoshimune Ginza, Tokyo store
Yoshimune Ginza, Tokyo store
In the Nagasaki center Building basement of Ginza, Tokyo, I establish Yoshimune Tokyo store as an outside the prefecture advance first shop.
(it becomes the independent corporation afterwards.)


In the Hakata station square Shinzo well building basement, I establish Yoshimune Hakata store.
(I withdraw with building entire surface remodeling construction in March, 2001)


Outer Gardens of Yoshimune Meiji Shrine store
Outer Gardens of Yoshimune Meiji Shrine store
As sisters shop of Ginza Tokyo store, I establish outer garden store in Outer Gardens of major shrine Shinano rest station of Tokyo.


A souvenir sale corner is founded by the Hamacho head office store. In the depths of the Nakamachi synthesis office, cooking center is new as a place of the new product development study.
I am improved and, as unique Nagasaki cooking of well-established Yoshimune, release a local dish in Nagasaki of Chinese origin.
I was introduced to the Nagasaki gourmet & sightseeing special feature of the Web magazine trip color
Yoshimune [general office]
2-65, Chikugomachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
TEL. 095-821-2500
FAX. 095-821-2809
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