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The national postage 500 yen campaign

I appreciate your always using Yossou online shops.
In response to the voice of the customer called "... which is prohibited for quite good shopping by a going out self-restraint", I carry out a campaign to send out for whole country postage best law 500 yen for a limited time.
Please use an online shop of the Yossou at this opportunity if looking for home business and a midsummer gift, a gift and the present including the return favor product.
Enforcement period
Until May 20 (for shipment) - August 10 (for a receptionist)
Campaign contents
Law 500 yen best among the postage about one destination in 3,500 yen or more by purchase
It should be the shipment three days later than an order reception desk day.
By weather and a traffic condition, other all affairs feeling, I may not send it on the date and time you like. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Free gift service of the Yossou

In the online shop of the Yossou, auspicious decoration for gifts and packing, a message card, the name case prepare for free gift service.
As not only the celebration but also the packing of tomoraijiyo is possible, you can utilize it regardless of a use. Please use it as a present full of the emotion of Nagasaki.

I choose it among price range

3,000 yen or more

4,000 yen or more

The purchase to the Yossou online shop

The product for household use and gifts of the Yossou takes an order 365 days in an official online shop for 24 hours.
You put lapping and the name and perform the gift packing service including the auspicious decoration for gifts and can purchase it as the celebration and present, return favor product such as a midsummer gift, the year-end present.
Please buy it casually.
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