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I colored it and arranged it well and it was sultry and was put up
Is mellow; Mushizushi with the sweetness
I offer the Mushizushi as "the couple steaming" that it is sultry with Chawanmushi at a store.
I carve and pay a vinegar meal bamboo grass gakitohampeno of the burdock and I color homemade shredded omelet and white-fleshed fish nodembu, kabayaki sea eel nosoboroo and am well one article that even eyes can enjoy to decorate it.
Can taste it simply because it is sultry; is mellow, and please thoroughly enjoy a flavor with the sweetness with Chawanmushi.

Price list

One piece of article

Capacity in brand name/
Amount of money
One frozen Mushizushi
220 g
594 yen

The product details

Frozen Mushizushi

The expiration date
Freezing four months
Preservation method
The freezing (please save it in -18 degrees Celsius or less) required
Inner capacity
220 g of one
Raw materials
Look after rice (domestic), an egg, a pickpocket (lizard fish complaint), a sea eel, a cod, a burdock, kamaboko, sugar, salt, soy sauce (including a soybean, the wheat), liquor, the brewing vinegar, a dried bonito, kombu/seasoning (amino acids), acetic acid Na, glycine, a coloring agent (red 3, red 106)
It is having heating or not just before freeze
I heat up, and there are none
Presence of heating and cooking it
You heat up, and please have it
358.6kcal (per 220 g)

Mushizushi call way of rising [an indication for one at cooking time]

I recommend heating after the thawing to have you have it deliciously.

In the case of a microwave oven

You take off a cover, and, for rap, please heat up using the following time as an indication.
The state that I defrosted
The state that is freezing
About 1 minute 40 seconds
About 2 minutes 40 seconds
About two minutes
About four minutes

In the case of a steamer

I move the Mushizushi in a heat-resistant container, and, for rap, it, please be sultry using the following time as an indication.
The state that I defrosted
The state that is freezing
About 15 minutes
About 30 minutes

  • Quality may change once when I refrigerate the thing which I defrosted again.
  • When you take out a container, please be careful about burns enough.

The purchase to the Yossou online shop

The product for household use and gifts of the Yossou takes an order 365 days in an official online shop for 24 hours.
You put lapping and the name and perform the gift packing service including the auspicious decoration for gifts and can purchase it as the celebration and present, return favor product such as a midsummer gift, the year-end present.
Please buy it casually.
I was introduced to the Nagasaki gourmet & sightseeing special feature of the Web magazine trip color
Yossou [general office]
2-65, Chikugomachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
TEL. 095-821-2500
FAX. 095-821-2809
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