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The media coverage, publication career

Thanks to you, I had you collect data on "specialty of Nagasaki Chawanmushi" and "the Yossou head office" from many magazines and TV. As an order gourmet, I am introduced as a gourmet spot of sightseeing in Nagasaki. I introduce a part from much coverage careers.

TV show

  • TBS "is gourmet of the banana man with much effort! "(2021/1/31)
  • Yomiuri TV "wants to go far" (2021/1/31)
  • TV Tokyo "Toranomon market" (2020/10/26)
  • TV Tokyo "special investigation police Jean police" (2019/2/16)
  • MBS "plus on Saturday" (2018/12/1)
  • TV Asahi "supermarket J channel" (2018/6/19)
  • TV Tokyo "mikata of Japan of Takeshi" (2017/04/21)
  • Nippon Television "surprise "Nagasaki appointmentless trip", on Tuesday (2015/07/28)
  • ABC "is morning! Is raw; trip salad (2014/12/06) 
  • "Make Nippon Television a storm" (2012/7/14) 
  • Fuji TV "tonneruzunominasannookagedeshita" (2009/08/13)


  • Magazine House "BRUTUS "look for the best order in Japan! A special feature (906 2019.12.2 release)
  • Treasure Island company "Saeki Chizu wears it, and "the dream is bad for the medicine reconciliation", and favorite order is inner (2020/7/9)
  • Kobunsha "the woman" (August, 2007 21.28 days merger)
  • Bungeishunju Ltd. (April 11, 2013 release)
  • Recruit "Kyushu jalan" (2019.1 month issue)
  • Recruit "Kyushu jalan" (2020.1 month issue)
  • "Coco shaves" Keisei Electric Railway (2020.1-3 month issue)
  • Kurume free magazine "cocomi" (co-Komi) (2019.3 month issue)


  • Hong Kong airline (Hong Kong express) coverage
  • West Japan Railway Co. (JR WEST) CM shooting
  • Introduction in subsidiary of TV Asahi "kuriimu quiz miracle 9"
  • Introduction in "world's best Kyushu begins" a subsidiary of TBS in Kyushu

The purchase is a Yossou online shop

Chawanmushi and Mushizushi, the kakuni of the Yossou take an order 365 days in an official online shop for 24 hours.
The order for the home is gourmet (you shoot it rice), and, as the year-end present, a midsummer gift to a family and an acquaintance living in the distant place, please buy it casually.
I was introduced to the Nagasaki gourmet & sightseeing special feature of the Web magazine trip color
Yossou [general office]
2-65, Chikugomachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
TEL. 095-821-2500
FAX. 095-821-2809
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